Sometimes the creative stars continue to align in the most peculiar of ways.  In these situations the elements come together at exactly the right moment with such speed and ease, one would assume that it was perhaps indeed the work of some sort of higher power.  Such continues to be the case when three artists come together to create an almost Warholian media experience, and in this case, in the form of Hell On Earth [Stereo Version], a limited edition yellow vinyl-onlyrelease slated for Record Store Day April 21, on B9 Records. Hell On Earth [Stereo Version], the apocalyptic, electro-ambient-sci-fi-cinema album, marks the 6th in a series of musical and visual collaborations between top commercial director/photographer Sandro, actor/director John Malkovich, and producer/composer Eric Alexandrakis.

Hot off of the heels of three critically acclaimed vinyl only releases, and two additional film collaborations [both directed by Sandro, starring Malkovich, and scored by Alexandrakis], one of which was shortlisted at Cannes Lions last year [Psychogenic Fugue], Hell On Earth [Stereo Version] continues the “avant-garde trio’s” tradition of creating art for art’s sake. 

“Our prior releases were very spontaneous, but this one even more so with the music being written and recorded in a matter of days", says Alexandrakis, who collaborates with various high profile artists, and also provides music for media.  

The three originally came together when Alexandrakis and Sandro [a world-renowned director and photographer who has shot the likes of Michael Jordan, Muhamad Ali, Gary Sinise, John Malkovich, and continues to work with brands ranging from Victorinox, to BMW, to Coca-Cola, to NBC] connected with regard to having Malkovich speak some works from Plato over an ambient piece from Alexandrakis.  At the time Sandro was prepping for some new original photography featuring Malkovich, now known as the worldwide traveling exhibit Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich:  Homage To Photographic Masters.  The images were inescapable.  What followed was full on vinyl only releases featuring some of the photos from the series, an award winning short film called Hell, and another short film project called Psychogenic Fugue, which Sandro and Alexandrakis dreamt up together [a tribute to the works of David Lynch, benefitting the David Lynch Foundation], which shortlisted at Cannes Lions last year.  Sandro directs, Malkovich stars, and Alexandrakis scores.

Multiple record signing events across continents, Q & A’s, exhibits, and even a main stage appearance & film premiere at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in 2016, featured the trio’s unique creative approach to their work as a group.

“I believe it was just a time when three artists hooked up and wanted to do something visually and musically different”, says the award winning director/photographer Sandro on how the group was formed.  “I think when you work with interesting people, and you make the collaboration about the work, interesting things result”, says acting legend Malkovich.  He and Sandro are the tree to the trio’s branch, having a friendship and body of work that has spanned 22 years. 

“Sandro, John and myself are very art school in our approach, and project choices.  What’s more art school than a group with a musician, photographer/director and an actor?”, asks Alexandrakis.

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